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Menopodcast - Menopause For The 21st Century

Feb 13, 2019

This chapter is all about our changing bodies, and it’s another frank and honest bit of writing. Her book, What Would Virginia Woolf Do?(affiliate link) is our Bible for Season 4 and she is slated to be a guest on the show coming up – which we couldn’t be more thrilled about. 

Ms. Collins talks about her own nutrition and exercise plans – what’s worked, what hasn’t – and she gave Sarah a real wake-up call about getting her butt in gear and blowing past the excuses to get working out again. She mentions the things we already know – like how eating cleaner and getting more exercise are the keys to being more fit (DUH) – but somehow we periodically forget? Sarah, for one, needed the reminder. So thank you Ms. Collins!

We do recommend the book and once you read this chapter, let us know what you think!